Đánh giá 6 Plugin xác minh 2 bước tốt nhất trên WordPress [NEW]

Passwords are the most basic standard for implementing security in the internet world. However, they are predictable (By Brute Force method), hack, which is one of the big downsides. To make up for those weaknesses, we have another way that is 2-step verification.

Unlike password, authentication two-factor (2FA) is a two-step process that requires two of three possible factors: the things you have, the things you have, and the things you know, to prove your identity. current 2-step authentication: use something you know (eg a password) and something you own (like a mobile phone, email account, hardware token, etc.) )

WordPress offers 2-step authentication through free plugins, which have many different ways to implement 2-step authentication, including OTP (one-time password) via SMS, phone call, OTP via email, QR codes, authenticators, push notifications, and hardware-based key manufacturers like Yubikey, SolidPass, etc.

Check out our review of the top 6 authentication plugins for WordPress that allow you to securely login and prevent brute-force attacks on your WordPress blog or website.

Top 6 Best 2-Step Verification Plugins

1. Two – Factor Authentication (by miniOrange)

Two - Factor Authentication (by miniOrange)

Two – Factor Authentication by miniOrange is the most advanced 2-factor authentication plugin for WordPress that you can use for free. Proactively combat possible problems and provide multiple backup solutions to help users in times of need.

Using this plugin, admins as well as users can login with 2 step verification easily, configure their own 2 step verification login options, and can login to your WordPress by use username and password and two-factor, or username and two-factor.

  • 2-step verification using SMS, OTP via email, soft roken, QR code, push notification.
  • Support for miniOrange Authenticator as well as Google Authenticator
  • Shortcode available to customize front-end login page
  • Device identification avoids repeated prompts on the same device
  • No support for phone calls and Yubikey authentication mode (hardware-based)
  • No support for WordPress multi-sites

2. Duo Two Factor Authentication

Duo Two Factor Authentication

Duo Two Factor Authentication can be set up in just a few minutes without any technical difficulties. To use Duo, you just need to install this plugin and sign up for its service, and you can start logging in without a password.

Duo Two Factor Authentication gives you full control and two-factor authentication selectable user roles of Duo, and other roles are set up to be password-related only. It supports multiple authentication methods for users such as one-touch and one-time passcode using Duo mobile app, OTP via SMS, phone call, and hardware compliant OATH Token devices like Yubikey , SolidPass, etc.

  • One-touch 2-step verification, OTP via SMS and mobile app, phone calls, OATH-compliant devices
  • 2-Step Verification that supports SMS and phone calls is available to most users
  • Supports multiple hardware-based token generators like Yubikey, FortiToken, SolidPass, etc
  • Does not support Google Authenticator (a fairly popular app)
  • Does not support QR code for authentication
  • No shortcode provided to easily embed 2-factor authentication on any page/widget
  • No support for WordPress Multi-sites

3. Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

This plugin allows you to activate 2FA(2 Factor Athuentication) on a per-user basis a unique role, which can be enabled or disabled by each user, and display two-factor on the login page to allow only active users. It also allows front-end editing of the settings via a shortcode and helps you display its settings without allowing users to access the dashboard.

The Two Factor Authentication plugin comes with support for WooCommerce login form and the “Theme my login” plugin allows you to customize 2-step verification login pages for users. Its premium version offers more features such as custom layouts, emergency backup codes, better administrative control over two-factor user codes and login functionality, and much more.

  • Use TOTP + HOTP protocol for authentication and QR code
  • Supports Google Authenticator, Authy, and more
  • Support for WordPress Multi-site installation
  • Does not support SMS, phone calls, OTP via email, and Yubikey
  • Is a bad choice if the user does not own a smartphone
  • Do not embed two-factor shortcodes on any page or widget
  • No support for hardware-based generators like Yubikey, FortiToken, etc

4. Clef Two Factor Authentication

Clef Two Factor Authentication

Clef Two Factor Authentication is a unique 2-step authentication system that uses “Clef Wave” to verify the identity of the logged in user. This plugin completely changes the way you login to WordPress “no username and password needed”. Using this plugin, you just need your smart phone with Clef apps installed, and logging in is as easy as picking up your phone.

Clef Two Factor Authentication keeps your WordPress very secure, and protects against password-related acts. It replaces login passwords with secure 2-step verification using the RSA publich-key cryptographic key system. It’s unique login function allows you to login and log out all websites with just 1 click. You can set Clef to be the required login for all users in your WordPress site.

  • Two-factor using “Clef Wave”
  • Password disable option for users as well as APIs
  • Shortcodes available to start Clef login at any page/widget
  • Support for WordPress Multi-site
  • Does not support (common) Google Authenticator
  • Two-factor does not support SMS, phone calls, OTP via email, QR Code, and Yubikey
  • A bad choice if you or your users don’t have a smartphone

5. WP Simple Firewall

WP Simple Firewall

WP Simple Firewall provides a simple to use 2-step login authentication based on two methods: Email and Yubikey. With email authentication it offers two methods (IP address and Cookie), allowing users to choose their preferred method that works best.

For example, you can opt for IP-based verification if a person’s IP address doesn’t change often or someone needs to log into WordPress frequently from a single network or from multiple browsers on the same site. computer.

  • Use OTP via email and Yubikey
  • Supports two email-based authentication methods: IP address and cookie
  • Provides more security features to protect your WordPress
  • Does not support Google Authenticator
  • Does not support SMS, phone calls, push notifications, or QR codes
  • Pack more security than what you really need, if you are looking for two-factor security only

6. Rublon Account Security: Two-Factor Auth+

Rublon Account Security: Two-Factor Auth+

Rublon Security Account: Two-factor Auth + supports one-click download and activation process allowing you to quickly set up 2-step security on your WordPress blog or website. It is free for one user, but if you want to support multiple users, you need to choose the business editor.

Rublon two-factor Auth+ supports email and smartphone apps for users to check in. No knowledge is required to incorporate or use its 2-step authentication function. Moreover, its email verification is simpler than other plugins – you don’t need to copy and paste the OTP from your inbox, you just need to click a link in the email received to confirm. recognize you as the account holder now.

  • Use Rublon’s email or app
  • Device identification doesn’t need to verify it a second time
  • Log-out remotely by removing a trusted device from the list of logged in devices
  • Free for only one user per site
  • Does not support Google Authenticator
  • Does not support SMS, phone calls, Push Notification, or Hardware-based tokens
  • Shortcodes are not available to embed two-factor in any page or widget


Whether you’re running a single blog, working with a team of editors and writers, or building WordPress-based blogs and websites for others, 2-step authentication helps protect websites. your better. In addition to the above ways to protect your website, you can also try to access wordpress when restricted to wordpress.

Personally, I prefer the Two Factor Authentication plugin by miniOrange because of its diverse features, but you may find another plugin better. Let us know if there are any other 2-step verification plugins that we haven’t mentioned for WordPress here! And be careful not to be “Bite” by Phishing.

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